The Bucket Band, rocking Kansas City with 60's and 70's music just like you remember it (but not getting covered by other bands)!

60’s and 70’s Music, played just like you remember it!

There are literally thousands of great songs from the 1960s and 70s. And yet a strange thing is happening: classic rock and oldies stations only play about 300 different songs. (Did you know that the Rolling Stones had more than five hits? It's true!) Today's cover bands seem to fall into the same trap. In fact, most bands get together and figure out what common songs all the members already know, or they go hear other bands and say, "That song went over well - let's add it our list." Pretty soon all the bands have basically the same song list. When was the last time you went to see a band and they didn't play "Mustang Sally," "Sweet Home Alabama," or "Keep Your Hands to Yourself"?

As we were putting this band together in 2012, we purposely were choosing songs that other bands weren't playing. When one of us would mention a song, someone else would say, "That's always been on my bucket list to play." Since we're in our 50s (or thereabouts), it was time to dig out those bucket lists and learn them. And so, "The Bucket Band" was christened. (Well, after discovering that "The Old Farts" was already taken.)

If you're at one of our gigs, and you don't say or think, "I've never heard someone play that song before," then we're not doing our job. Some of our songs have never been done because 1) other bands weren't willing to think outside the box; 2) the songs seemed too difficult (with horns, harmonies, strings, etc.); or 3) the musicians that wanted to play them were too embarrassed to suggest them to their band, or the rest of the band ignored the suggestions.

We've all been playing for 40 years or more. We're capable of playing the bucket songs that we've always wanted to do. We can do the harmonies. We can play the additional parts (other instruments, or horns & strings on keyboard), and nothing much embarrasses us anymore.

If you want a new experience, if you want to hear songs that you've never heard played live before, or if you just want to have a flashback to your younger years, put one of our gigs on your bucket list.

*Disclaimer: Just because other bands don't play these songs does not mean they're not danceable! You'll recognize the songs AND your feet will start moving.